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One of the biggest issues and challenges I see in men’s work and collectively with men is…

there’s a huge lack of clarity

with our direction,
our mission,
our purpose,
what it means to be a man,

and when we’re not clear on who we are,

what we stand for, 

what we want, 

and how we’re going to get there, 

then we get lost.

When we are lost, we feel unsatisfied, unfulfilled and at times – helpless. All of which lead to depression, addiction, anxiety, stress, frustration, and anger! 

It’s NO WONDER men around the world are experiencing an explosion of these emotions.

I’ve been there. I hid from the world for many years, drinking my ass off.


We all feel like we should know what to do, but we’re not doing it.

We all feel like we’re f***ing it up, and we can’t let anybody see.

We think we’re in this alone.

We try to fight this battle alone, but who has shown us the way? 

I don’t know about you, but the “mentors” or masculine figures I had in my life were not healthy leaders that owned themselves and their actions.

Most of us have not had healthy masculine leadership in our lives who are leading the way and preparing us for life.

So what happens is we all end up trying to do it alone

trying to pretend that we know what the f*** we’re doing.

Men’s work is so important because we create a private container and space where we can figure this out together.

We do this by getting feedback, by seeing other men experiencing the same things and relating to them. By embracing our vulnerabilities and learning to accept who we are without shame.

Once we feel like we’re not in this alone, it gives us more confidence.

And when you have a Brotherhood that calls you forward and holds you accountable to your vision, 

to your dream,

then you can be seen for the trial and path you take to get there.

Having accountability and a Brotherhood that loves you…

beyond your mistakes…

beyond the unworthiness that you feel…

is THE most transformative experience that you may face in your life.

It took me so long to trust other men enough to let them in but once I did, I realized that they’re all feeling the same thing.

Most of us are afraid to let our guard down to other men because we’ve been hurt from our fathers or Uncle’s or brothers. 

We’ve been shamed for being stupid or slow or weak.

And we all experience this on a massive scale, on a collective scale, and the only way through this is to face it

to work through these traumas and issues together and realize that we’re all in this. 

Once we do that, then we can transcend past it and move onto the greater things in life.

We can become and live the dreams that we’ve been waiting for. 

If you’re interested in diving deeper into your potential and being a part of a community of men that will hold you accountable to your own potential, to your own vision, then click the button below.

The EDGE Program is a 3-month program all around creating healthy masculine leadership in every area of your life.

It's not too late to join.

What's Included?

Everyone who participates in The EDGE Program should expect to check off each of these 7 things. The program contains so much more than this. In each 2 hour weekly call, there will be stories, guidance, and other valuable information shared with you that will forever change and benefit your perspective of yourself and the world around you – all for just $900

  • 12, 2hr Weekly Calls.
  • 1-1 Support from buddy system and Group Leaders.
  • Weekly Assignments and Integration Work.
  • Deep understanding of the Masculine Archetypes (and Shadow Archetypes) as well as their influence on your life specifically.
  • Group and Peer Accountability.
  • Powerful Guided Meditations.
  • Clarity on your Core Values, Purpose, Mission, and Direction.
  • So much more!

$4400 Value

Why Now?

We as modern men have been taught the unrealistic expectation that we need to have all the right answers and have everything figured out and put together. 

To ask for help, to seek support, would be to admit that we don’t have it together. That we’ve somehow “failed” as a man. 

This belief isolates us from our friends, family, loved ones and most importantly, from our PURPOSE! 

Causing us to live lives masked in bravado, sexual prowess, control, and escapism through drinking, drugs, porn, video games, among other ineffective habits to bring us personal happiness.

Without a community of trustworthy brothers to share and be held accountable by, it’s easy to continue procrastinating on our dreams and avoid the growth we know we want and need.

That’s exactly why we run this program. 

The time is NOW to set clear intentions for a better future. The time is NOW to call out the behaviours that we unconsciously develop and commit to. The time is NOW to choose the direction we take our lives in and be SEEN and SUPPORTED by other men for our commitment to our purpose.

Secure your spot for less

Listen – we get it. Changing your life and routine is difficult. To make this course more accessible for the men most in need of it, we’re accepting THREE monthly payments of $347 instead of an up-front cost of $997.

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EDGE Testimonials

Hear what some of our recent grads had to say about The EDGE Program

"Right now masculinity is taking a bit of a hit because there's toxic masculinity but there is a way to be masculine in a way that's NOT toxic and I think that was one of the other big things that was important in the group and The EDGE Program for me, was learning I can still be a man, I can still be masculine and I can actually redefine what that means."

Mike W.
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"I can't express it enough, The Verity Foundation, the work they're doing, I firmly believe that every man should be doing this work because it calls out the negative man, it calls out the toxic, abusive man and it forces him to level up, it forces him to step forward and we need that, because it helps everybody."

Stuart S.

The Next EDGE Group starts Wednesday, September 30th