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From: $350.00 / month for 3 months

The EDGE is a structured men’s group that is focused on supporting men to become leaders in all areas of their lives.

We are a community of brothers that support, accept, and hold each other accountable. We will be working with a limited number of committed men that want to build strong relationships, gain clarity on their purpose as a man and in their life, step into bigger leadership roles, and grow in their personal lives.

It’s time to ELEVATE!




  • 3-month program (The EDGE) with weekly 2 hr online meetings
  • $900 payment to The Verity Foundation
  • Show up and Engage in the group to learn, grow and make an impact together
  • Secure your spot before the announced starting date

The Why:

Because Men have been taught that we need to have all the right answers, have it all together, and figured out. So to ask for help, to seek support, would be to admit that we don’t have it together, that we’ve somehow “failed” as a man. This belief isolates us from our friends, family, loved ones, and most importantly from our PURPOSE! Causing us to live lives masked in bravado, sexual prowess, control, and escapism through drinking, drugs, and porn among other ineffective habits. Without a community of trustworthy brothers to share and be held accountable by, it’s easy to continue procrastinating on our dreams and avoid the growth we know we want and need.

Leaders face their challenges head-on with transparency and the courage to be seen in the process. In the EDGE we will explore the habits that are holding us back, we’ll find clarity on what we truly want and we’ll build a community that supports us on the path to get there!

The What:

In the EDGE workshop, we’re going to look at ourselves deeply, examining how we live, how we think, and what patterns and social conditioning have been running our lives so that you have the ability to undo the stuff that doesn’t work. This is a program where everyone rises together, where, as a unit, we’ll all be looking to see what we can GIVE before we look to GET. Whoever you are, wherever you are on your journey, this brotherhood will provide you with the tools and clarity needed for you to elevate your life!

This is for you if you’re looking to:

  • Become a leader in your life, relationships, and community
  • Are ready to be a man of service and give back
  • Beat that inner voice telling you that you need to do more to be worthy
  • Beat that inner voice telling you that you can’t achieve what you want   
  • ​Take off the mask and be your authentic SELF!   
  • ​Learn to master your energy in all environments (work, play, home, family, health, community)
  • ​Do more than check off societal boxes (house, car, degrees, money, dog, kids, picket fence) 
  • ​Stop exploding or completely shutting down when things get stressful
  • Be apart of Brotherhood, a group of men that will truly have your back and create lasting friendships
  • Gain CLARITY of your purpose and mission
  • ​Redefine manhood and success on your terms
  • ​Leave Procrastination behind, be held ACCOUNTABLE, and get shit done
  • ​Create strong healthy habits (discipline)
  • Stop suppressing and truly FEEL (we’ve been taught if it hurts hide it)
  • ​Learn to be with challenging emotions and your past wounds (from childhood and beyond)
  • ​Get in the game and attract or deepen your ultimate relationship 
  • Live your Purpose and be ALL IN! 

The How:

Simon Fyall will be facilitating this workshop with the knowledge he has gained in men’s work and coaching over the past 5 years. During each weekly call, we will be exploring different topics related to masculinity and leadership as well as holding space for each man to share what’s going on in his life. We will work on team-building exercises, set and achieve personal goals, and most importantly embodiment! It’s all about embodiment, Defining who you want to be, Designing a life that calls that vision forward, and Deploying an action plan to make it happen!


This is a group focused on personal and relationship development with the intention of creating a brotherhood that gives back to the community! Learn how to show up fully in your relationships, career, health, and community!

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  1. Stuart Stretch

    Simon is an incredible group coach. He holds space for everyone, listens, interprets, and gives powerful insight when needed. He is an excellent guide for meditation. The EDGE Program reframed my mind to fully acknowledge and accept my masculinity and lean into the healthy aspects of it, which has accelerated my love life as well as my business. Amazing stuff! Highly recommend this 12-week group to any man.

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