What We Do

Our mission is to empower all generations of men to create a community that learns, heals, and makes a positive impact on the world.

About Our Organization

The Verity Foundation

We empower men to connect more fully, understand themselves more genuinely, and thrive in community spaces as conscious leaders. 

The Verity Foundation is a social impact organization that’s sole purpose is to bring men of all ages together so they can create long-lasting, healthy relationships and learn from one another more intentionally and whole-heartedly. We bridge the generational gap with our EDGE Program which educates and fuels men in their pursuit to leading powerful, purpose driven lives. Our Timeless Talks podcast gathers meaningful conversations with men from all generation to catalyze understanding and shorten the divide between age differences.

Male mental health, incarceration, loneliness, and suicide rates are at the highest ever recorded rate. The Verity Foundation seeks to disrupt and reduce the rates of all of the above by creating intentional, purpose-driven communities of men that lead from a foundation of inner truth and clarity. A connected community learns together, grows together and thrives together – benefitting all who live within it.

The EDGE Program

The EDGE is a 3 month structured men’s group that is focused on supporting men to become leaders in all areas of their lives.

We are a community of brothers that support, accept, and hold each other accountable to our highest potential. In the EDGE program we work with a limited number of committed men that want to build strong relationships, step into bigger leadership roles, and grow in their personal and professional lives. Find your purpose, improve your relationships and become the man the world needs you to BE!

Expect to be pushed to your EDGE. 

It’s time to ELEVATE!

EDGE Evolved

The EDGE Evolved group is a disciplined men’s accountability group for graduates of The EDGE Program. This is a weekly continuation to the practices and challenges introduced in the base EDGE program and a private space held for members as they begin to integrate their leadership and intention into their lives.

This private community serves to support and hold space for generations of men who have stepped up and are committed to themselves, to be surrounded by and encouraged by other conscious men.

Learn More About Verity

Learn about our purpose, to collect the stories and experiences of our elders and honour their efforts by sharing them across generations.
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Senior Programs

Collecting experiences to maximize generational value

The Verity Foundation is dedicated to giving our elders a voice and sharing their legacy across generations. Our “Wild Wisdom” initiative captures stories and life experiences from our seniors through recorded interviews and transforms the messages into interactive exercises for adult and youth programs. Our goal with this program is to actively engage our seniors with the greater community. Verity is committed to honouring our past with the intention of creating a better future. We believe that everyone deserves to be remembered, and we all have a legacy to offer the world. 

How will you be remembered?

*Fifty-one out of every 100,000 white males older than 85 commit suicide each year, more than any other group by age, sex and race.

*Social isolation in Seniors can increase the risks of mental health issues such as depression, dementia, social anxiety, and low self-esteem.

Youth Programs

Empowering youth by sharing generational wisdom

The Verity Foundation is in the process of developing our youth programs. We are currently engaging with parents, teachers, coaches, and the youth directly to understand the specific needs of this demographic and how they are interconnected with the Adult and Senior Men. We are currently creating some of the following programs: outdoor adventure, mentorship, leadership, entrepreneurship, finance, community engagement, environmentalism, athletics, etc.

We believe that the youth have an intrinsic wisdom that needs to be acknowledged! As we prepare our younger generation to take responsibility for the world it is equally important to guide them as well as listen to their needs and perspective. Everyone has value to add to our community and as we broaden the input we will also broaden the impact we have on our people and the planet.

*According Canadian Community Health Survey 15- to 24-year-olds had the highest rates of mood and anxiety disorders of all age groups.

*Psychosocial factors such as experiencing stress or negative social behaviours (for instance, social isolation, loneliness, anger, bullying) are also risk factors for depression and suicidal ideation.